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This version of NJMCís Municipal Map encompasses 8 years of data collected about its 14-constituent towns, including historical to present geographic information. Municipalities can gain access to these layers and records about properties that falls within their respective municipalities and identify pertinent information about each property in question. The layers include: parcels, land use, zoning, wetlands, riparian, encumbrance, FEMA and much more. In addition, MERI-GIS has been compiling utility data from stormwater manholes to sanitary lines so towns can visualize and further make decision on existing infrastructure and conditions. Imagery accessible on this application ranges from the 1930's to 2012. New data will become available once they are complete. Visit MERI's webmaps periodically for timely updates.


The information contained in this site is the best available according to the procedures and standards of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC)/Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute Geographic Information Systems group (MERI-GIS)...


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A full guide covering everything from the basics all the way up to advanced features is provided here.




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A complete listing of all the GIS data is provided here.


We appreciate your feedback, please let us know what you think about the application using this form.

You can also contact the MERI GIS Department at 201-460-4612
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